• Coverage: 117 Cities
  • 2,174 Buildings
  • 402,612 Homepass

#PakeBiznet for your best Internet

We offer the BEST Internet broadband and TV Cable service in Indonesia

20.000+ KM

More than 20.000 KM Biznet Fiber Optic in total to fullfil your internet needs.

100+ Cities

more than 90 cities are connected with Biznet networks

70+ Channels

more than 70 local and International channels are available at Biznet Cable TV Platform.

About Biznet Home

Biznet Home (known as max3) was launch on 6 december 2012 due to high demand of better internet and Cable TV services, specially for home and apartment users. Due to Biznet rebranding program, as of 1 May 2015, Biznet Home Internet + Cable TV will be changed to Biznet Home Combo.

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