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TIPS: How to Clean Your Touchscreen from Fingerprints

TIPS: How to Clean Your Touchscreen from Fingerprints

POSTED ON August 22, 2017
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Having fingerprints is very annoying for smartphone with touchscreen users. To avoid having them on your screen you need to clean it on a routine basis. But if you clean it wrong, your screen will remain dirty. So, how to clean your screen from fingerprints correctly?



Use Microfiber Cloth

Most people use cotton, tissue or soft cloth to clean their touchscreen. But it’s better if you use microfiber cloth that people usually use to clean their glasses. This type of cloth is suitable to clean touchscreen due to the size of its small and gentle fiber. Moreover, microfiber is also affordable and long lasting.



Clean It in Small Circle

Don’t clean your screen by rubbing the cloth vertically or horizontally. Clean it in small circles because it will be more effective to clean fingerprints without leaving any stains.



Use Cleaning Fluid If Necessary

Drop a little bit of cleaner fluid that we can find in stores. Those cleaners can be used to clean dry screen. You can use it by dropping the fluid to a cloth that you will use to clean the screen. Don’t drop the fluid directly to the screen because it will only leave stains, which will be more difficult to clean.