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TIPS: How to Limit Your Mobile Data Usage

TIPS: How to Limit Your Mobile Data Usage

POSTED ON August 22, 2017
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With your smartphone or tablet, you can watch your favorite videos on YouTube or play your favorite playlist anytime, anywhere. But all the fun can quickly drain your monthly mobile data capacity, which can cost you extra budget as well. You can follow these tips on how to manage your mobile data usage so you won’t have to spend extra budget for mobile data top up:



Use Wi-Fi to access big-size files

In order to use Wi-Fi effectively, always ensure you use it when you download big-size files. Some applications might be more than 100 GB in size, and downloading these files using mobile data can be very costly. It also applies when you watch or streaming 4G videos.



Manage your notifications

You might receive lots of notifications from other apps in your smartphone or tablet, which also consume your mobile data. Some notifications might be important, but other notifications, such as new updates on Candy Crush Saga, are actually not that important. So make sure you turn off push notifications.



Deactivate your idle applications

Turning off running apps when they are no longer in use can save your mobile data usage. Running apps, especially location trackers, will continue processing data even when your device is in lock. This will not only drain your mobile data usage, but it will also drain your device’s battery usage.