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Tips on How to Maintain a Smartphone with Permanent Battery

Tips on How to Maintain a Smartphone with Permanent Battery

POSTED ON August 22, 2017
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1.      Limit Smartphone Usage

Don’t overuse your smartphone to play games, because games will directly affect your smartphone battery power.  Moreover, many users play games while charging their smartphone. Also, don’t charge your smartphone battery too often. Try to charge your smartphone once a day only.


2.      Limit Wi-Fi and GPS Usage

If your smartphone is not connected to the Internet, try to turn off Wi-Fi feature or cellular data on your smartphone. Letting Wi-Fi feature or cellular data active all the time will make your smartphone works non-stop and further affect battery durability. It also applies to GPS usage, which will make your smartphone’s battery runs out quickly, especially if you let your GPS feature active continuously without being used. It’s good to turn on the GPS only when you need it.


3.      Use Third Party Application

You can use third party application to make your battery lasts longer. One of the apps is Battery Calibration, which is considered as a very helpful app in saving battery power. This application will function optimally if your smartphone already in the root state.