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Jakarta, June 4, 2013 - For families, holiday season is the time for traveling out of the city or even out of the country with the whole family. But there are many people who use holiday season to spend their time doing fun activities with family without going out.

Based on parents' needs to provide high-quality and educative entertainment for their children, Biznet launched max3 by giving entertainment programs and channels for families. Those programs includes max3 kids channel that offers education contents in High Definition resolution.

The President Director of Biznet Networks, Adi Kusma, says that children are getting familiar with digital lifestyle. Their ability to utilize Internet networks often leads to the amazing world of digital, which needs parental guidance. If parents are less aware of these things, children will have unlimited and contra-productive access to the Internet and may endanger their life.

max3 by Biznet, officially launched by Biznet Networks on December 2012 was designed to assist parents in dealing with the developments of children's digital life. "Instead of holding back children from exploring the Internet, max3 by Biznet supports children to have an educative and fun experience by exploring the Internet, supported by Fiber Optic network to have premium Internet quality up to 25 Mbps," said Adi.

Biznet also complete max3 unlimited Internet broadband with a bonus of Cable TV offering more than 85 local and international channels in SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) quality.

Along with the availability of the high-quality service, max3 by Biznet also supports parents in maintain children’s creativity and entertainment by putting more attention to the program contents. max3 by Biznet has Parental Lock feature so that parents can lock programs that are not suitable for children using a special Password.

max3 by Biznet also has Personal Video Recorder to record, play, replay, and pause the channels' programs. This feature can allow family to enjoy their favorite programs without having to stop other activities at home.

Moreover, max3 by Biznet also prepares local programs, made by Biznet internal teams named max3 studioworks. "We develop our own local programs with an educational vision yet entertaining and increase children's imagination and creativity. Suitable for modern and dynamic family," explained Adi.

Adi hopes max3 by Biznet will be the perfect answer for parents' needs to give high-quality entertainment channel for modern family with digital lifestyle.

"Children will spend more time at home but still up-to-date with the latest technology. Holiday season will still become an important moment for family, even without having to travel out of town or country," said Adi.

For more information about max3, please visit or call max3 care at 500933.

About max3
max3 is a retail brand of Biznet Networks, a leading telecommunication and multimedia operator in Indonesia. Currently, max3 offers max3 Broadband Internet service with a bonus of High Definition (HD) Cable TV service for home users and apartments. For more information on max3 service, stores and for product registration, please visit

About Biznet Networks
Biznet Networks is the leader of fixed-line and multimedia telecommunication provider in Indonesia, providing Network, Internet, Data Center, Cloud Computing and Pay TV service. Established in 2000, Biznet Networks has been providing and operating the fastest Fiber Optic Network and the biggest Data Center in Indonesia. For more information about Biznet Networks and its services, please visit

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