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Promo Biznet Member Get Member

Note: Winners can change according to the addition of references made by the customer until the end of this promo.

In the coming June, Biznet is giving you chance to have an unforgettable holiday experience! You can enjoy a special holiday at AYANA Komodo and feel the beauty of the sea with AYANA Lako di’a for 3 days/2 nights, by inviting your family, friends, and relatives to use Biznet. You can participate in this Biznet Member Get Member Program, with the following easy steps.

  1. Visit biznethome.net/registration
  2. Fill in your personal data and complete the addresses of your family, friends and relatives that you plan to invite to #PakeBiznet
  3. If their locations are covered by Biznet networks, you can help them by choosing the most suitable service packages for them
  4. Complete your Referral ID (eg.310034xx) and click "Use Code"
  5. Click "Continue to Payment"
  6. Notification email about payment method and information will be sent to the people that you have invited to use Biznet service
  7. After payment was made, Biznet team will visit the registered addresses to conduct service installation and activation
  8. Once the service has been activated, you will automatically get 1 point. All points that you have collected will be accumulated based on the number of Biznet customers that you invited
  9. If you collected the highest number of points compared to other customers, you will be chosen to get a special holiday package at AYANA Komodo and sail with AYANA Lako di'a for 3 days/2 nights
  10. Winners will be announced in July 2020. All winners will be leaving to AYANA Komodo in one group, and the final schedule will be informed further based on current situation and condition

How easy it that? So invite as much people as possible and win the amazing prize!For complete terms and conditions about this program, click https://www.biznethome.net/promo