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Special Promotions for You

Bayar Biznet Home Pake GopayLater

Bayar Biznet Home Pake GopayLater

Valid from 01 September 2021 to 30 September 2021

This September Biznet presents Biznet Home X GoPayLater Promo that will make you save more. If you pay your Biznet Home bills using GoPayLater, you will get cashback promo up to Rp 20,000 and also extra 7 days of active period.

Below are the easy steps to pay Biznet Home bills using GoPayLater:
1. Open
Gojek application
2. Choose GoBills
3. Choose Cable TV & Internet
4. Choose Biznet
5. Input Customer Billing ID
6. Complete your payment using GoPayLater

Terms and Conditions:


  1. This promo valid for Biznet Home new and existing customers.
  2. This promo valid from 1 - 30 September 2021.
  3. This promo only valid for payment method using GoPayLater, and customer will get cahsback up to Rp 20,000.
  4. Existing ustomer who extend the monthly active period will also get an extra 7 days of active period by paying with GoPayLater.
  5. This promo valid for all Biznet Home service packages.
  6. This promo is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  7. By purchasing this promo, customer acknowledges the applicable Biznet Home Terms and Conditions.
  8. The estimated process for adding active period is 2x24 hours after the payment is processed
  9. This promo cannot be combined with other promotions.

Biznet Tokopedia Cashback Promo

Biznet Tokopedia Cashback Promo

Valid from 25 September 2021 to 31 October 2021

Always make sure that your can enjoy Biznet Home service at all times by making payment via Tokopedia, since we have an exciting Biznet Tokopedia Promo that you don’t want to miss. Customers who pay for Biznet Home service using Tokopedia will get cashback up to Rp.30.000,- and automatically get extra additional 7 days of subscription period.

Here are the easy steps to make payment via Tokopedia:

  1. Open Tokopedia apps on your gadget or click
  2. Choose Top-up & Tagihan category.
  3. Choose Internet and TV Kabel category.
  4. Choose Biznet Home on the menu.
  5. Input customer’s Billing Account.
  6. Click “BAYAR”.
  7. Customer will be directed to checkout page after “BAYAR” button is clicked.
  8. Make sure the name, number, and amount to be paid are correct.
  9. Click “LANJUT”.
  10. Customer will be directed to payment page after “LANJUT” button is clicked.
  11. Choose the payment method.
  12. Transaction successful notification will appear.
  13. Customer can check the payment receipt by email or in payment history details.

The active period of your Biznet Home service will be extended with additional 7 days subscription period automatically.

Note : This promo applies only for the extension of active period for existing service.


Promo IPTV STB 40%

Promo IPTV STB 40%

Valid from 01 June 2021 to 30 September 2021

Complete your Internet service with Biznet IPTV! Only for Biznet Home service subscribers, we have a special 40% discount for Biznet IPTV STB (Setup Box), so only for Rp 750,000 you can enjoy TV entertainment in 4K quality, plus free all channels for 3 months.


To buy your own Biznet IPTV STB, follow the following three easy steps:


  1. Visit biznetiptv.com and fill in your Biznet Home service Customer ID (Eg: 11000xxxxx or CA20024XX)
  2. Check your email and make payment using your preferred payment method
  3. Biznet IPTV STB is ready to be shipped to your address! Soon, you will receive Biznet IPTV and you can start to enjoy your favorite channels in 4K quality at home.


Biznet IPTV is an interactive TV service that shows the latest entertainment programs with the best 4K quality resolution and can be accessed using The New Biznet Fiber network. Biznet IPTV offers more than 70 local and international channels and hundreds of high quality programs, at home. Biznet IPTV also offers various sophisticated features including Catch Up, Video on Demand, as well as convenient payment methods, such as payment via Go-Pay where you can simply scan the QR Code in your TV screen to make payment, from home. For more information about Biznet IPTV, visit biznetiptv.com.


This promo is valid until July 2021 only. Complete your home entertainment with high quality TV programs with Biznet IPTV!

Biznet 21st Anniversary

Biznet 21st Anniversary

Valid from 03 September 2021 to 31 October 2021

For Biznet Home new and existing customers, enjoy Biznet 21st Anniversary special promo that will make you save up to 31%. By purchasing 12 months of Biznet Home service in advance, you will get FREE 4 months of Biznet Home subscription period, so the total of subscription period that you will get is 16 months. This special promo valid until the end of October 2021.