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  1. ‚ÄčThe service as a prepaid service and to continue the subscription, Subscriber must purchase monthly fee service to extend the expiry date. Subscriber can manage their Service account which include purchasing monthly fee service, changing packages, as well as purchasing additional equipment through Biznet Home official website.
  2. Customers acknowledges that the initial payment consists of installation costs, subscription fees and hardware fees. The hardware fees consist of Biznet Home Fiber Modem for Broadband Internet access and Biznet Cable TV STB (set-top box) for bonus Cable TV access (HFC network only). Customers take full ownership of the hardware after initial payment.
  3. This Service has a grace period starting from the expiry date. If Customer unable to pay monthly fee once the grace period is over, it is considered that the customer has terminated the service.

*Service package with WiFi Modem only available in certain locations.

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  • Coverage: 115 Cities
  • 2,174 Buildings
  • 469,428 Homepass

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