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Biznet Home Promo Jan - Dec 2018

As a part of our commitment to continue giving the best service quality to customers, we hereby inform you that we have a new promotion program that provides benefits for you to continue enjoying the best service from Biznet Home.

Biznet Home - Promo 2018

During the period of January – December 2018, Biznet Home his holding BIZNET HOME PROMO 2018 Buy 5 Get 6 or Buy 10 Get 12 promo program for Biznet loyal customers. Customer who follow this promo will get free 1 month if customers buy 5 months in advance and get 2 free month if customers buy 10 month in advance.

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  • This promotion will not be extended for any reason.
  • Biznet/Biznet Home not liable for any form of fraud or other acts committed by third parties/other parties on behalf of Biznet (PT Supra Primatama Nusantara) as well as Biznet Home (PT Biznet Multimedia).
  • Decision on the interpretation of the terms and conditions of this promotion programs, and decisions related to the implementation of this program is in the hands Biznet/Biznet Home promo and cannot be changed. Biznet/Biznet Home is free from all forms of claims relating to such matters.
  • Biznet/Biznet Home reserves the right to postpone or terminate or alter the terms and conditions of this promotion program at any time if necessary. In such circumstances, changes will be announced through the website Biznet/Biznet Home Biznet/Biznet Home.


For further information related to this promotion program, please visit the nearest Biznet Branch Office, Biznet Store or Biznet Cube, or contact Call Center Biznet. Biznet Home Care 1500933 or email to