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Promo Biznet Home Ramadhan

Valid from 06 May 2019 to 31 May 2019

As a part of our commitment to continue providing the best service quality to customers, enjoy the Ramadhan Promo for all new customers of Biznet Home services.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This promo is valid for Biznet Home new customers who lives in the New Biznet Fiber area.

2. This promo is valid for all Biznet Home service packages.

3. Customer of Biznet Home Internet and Biznet Home Combo will be charged an installation fee of Rp 250.000,-.

4. By subscribing 3 (three) months in advance, you will get 1 (one) month of additional subscription, and in total you will get 4 (four) months of subscriptions.

5. Customers are not allowed to downgrade the service while the promo still running.

6. This promo is valid for Biznet Home services with rental or purchase modem status.

7. Promo that have been purchased are not refundable or redeemable.

8. Customers who participate in this promo can do a payment process up to 3 days after receiving the payment link on the registration confirmation that is sent to the customer's email.

9. These Terms and Conditions Promo must be following the Terms and Conditions of Biznet Home service applied in 2019.



For further information related to this promotion program, please visit the nearest Biznet Branch Office or Biznet Store, or contact Call Center Biznet. Biznet Home Care 1500933 or email to home_care@biznetnetworks.com