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General Terms

  • The following Terms and Conditions apply to all individuals ('Customer') in residential and apartment who subscribe for Biznet Home Combo and Biznet Home Internet service by Biznet ('Service').
  • Biznet Home service is provided to Customer as an "up to" and "as is" service, therefore Biznet does not provide any guarantee to Customer for Biznet Home service.
  • Customer acknowledges that Biznet Home Service cannot issue a physical invoice or proof of payment equivalent to a tax invoice.
  • Customer acknowledges that the Service is a prepaid service and Customer must make monthly payments to extend monthly active period according to the selected Service package.
  • Customers of Biznet Home Combo 1 service, Biznet Home Combo 2, Biznet Home Combo 2+ and Biznet Home Internet will get IP Private DHCP, while customers of Biznet Home Combo 3 service will get IP Public Dynamic.
  • Customer acknowledges that the initial payment consists of installation costs, subscription fees and hardware fees. The hardware fees consist of Biznet Home Fiber Modem for Broadband Internet access and Biznet Cable TV STB (HFC network only) for bonus Cable TV access. Customers take full ownership of the hardware after initial payment.
  • Customer of Biznet Home Internet and Biznet Home Combo will be charged an installation fee of Rp 750.000,-.
  • Biznet Home Internet Customer will be charged a hardware fee for Biznet Home Fiber Modem of Rp 900.000,-.
  • Biznet Home Combo Customer will be charged a hardware fee of Rp 1.650.000,- which consists of Biznet Home Fiber Modem hardware fee of Rp 900.000,- and Biznet Cable TV hardware fee of Rp 750.000,-.
  • Customer acknowledges that 1 (one) Service account of Biznet Home Combo consists of 1 (one) Broadband Internet access with a bonus of bonus 1 (one) Cable TV access for selected area only. Broadband Internet access provided by PT Supra Primatama Nusantara while Cable TV access provided by PT Biznet Multimedia.
  • Service change from Biznet Home Internet to Biznet Home Combo will be charged a fee of Rp 500.000,- and Biznet Cable TV hardware fee of Rp 750.000,-. Service change from Biznet Home Combo to Biznet Home Internet will not be charged of any fees.
  • This Service has a grace period of 45 (forty five) days starting from the expiry date. If Customer unable to pay monthly fee once the grace period is over, it is considered that the customer has terminated the service.
  • Customers who have terminated the service and intended to re-subscribe will be charged a reconnect fee of Rp 500.000,- with the condition of both the network cable and the Biznet Home Fiber Modem hardware are still available and suitable for use at Customer's premises. If the condition of the Biznet Home Fiber Modem network cable and/or Biznet Home Fiber Modem hardware located at the customer's location is not eligible for use, Customer is required to make a reissue consisting of the installation fee and/or the cost of the device.
  • Customer acknowledges that the quality of Service depends on the Service equipment and receiving device, either directly and/or indirectly.
  • Service is delivered without guarantee, allocation and/or prioritization therefore accessible for all Customers without particular settings. Customer is entitled to technical and/or non-technical Service support from Biznet Home care that can be contacted 24 x 7 via email: or call center: 1500933.
  • If support from Service’ representatives is required, Customer will be charged a visitation fee of IDR 200.000,- per 2 (two) hours exclude VAT 10%. However, visitation fee is waved if the troubleshoot was occurred a result of Service disruptions.
  • Customer grants the permit to enter premises for Service representatives to perform Service’ installation, activation, configuration, and/or maintenance based on arrangement agreed by Customer.
  • Customer is prohibited to resell, reused or redistribute all or any parts of the Service rendered to other parties other than Customer.
  • The fees for using the Pre-Paid Service and/or other applicable additional charges may be found on the official Biznet Home website. Biznet reserves the right to change or increase the subscription fee from time to time. Bonus Cable TV Feature has unlimited number and/or television channel formats for Standard Definition (SD) and/or High Definition (HD) broadcast quality.
  • The following Terms & Conditions are consider valid once Customers have completed all required information in the checklist-column on the online registration form and/or when the Service representatives are filling in the online registration form with consent from Customer in a written or verbal form. Biznet Home has the right to refuse this application without any explanation.
  • Customer hereby declare that the information given to Biznet Home is true and agreed to be bound by Service's Terms and Conditions. Any changes to the above information must be informed to Biznet Home for the period of their Subscription.

Terms of Use

  • Customer hereby willing to purchase initial payment Service’ Prepaid Starter Pack that includes installation fee, monthly fee and hardware fee consists of 1 (one) modem for Broadband Internet access with 1 (one) STB HD including Smart Card for bonus Cable TV access.
  • Monthly fee is defined as Customer obligation of payment in the form of package with activation period of 30 (thirty) days includes, but not limited to stamp duty fee, arrears, mutation cost, late payment charge, or other fees based on applicable law(s).
  • Subscriber acknowledges for Service with a bonusof Cable TV, Biznet Home will provide 80 meter of drop cable coaxial RG-6 for Service installation. If the installation requires additional cable, Subscriber must purchase additional drop cable of coaxial RG-11 with 125 meters length of Rp 1.250.000,-.
  • Customer acknowledges that for any additional Biznet Cable TV STB, Customer will be charged hardware fee of Rp 750.000,- for a maximum of 3 (three) Biznet Cable TV STB unit for 1 (one) Service account. The installation for additional Biznet Cable TV STB only applicable provided the length of the required cable based on the Service standard.
  • Customer acknowledges that Biznet Home does not held responsible for any relocation of equipment and/or Subscriber’ home address after installation process is done. Customer is liable to bear the relocation fee of Rp 750.000,- emerged from the relocation request within coverage area.
  • Biznet Home provides a 90 (ninety) days warranty for Biznet Home Fiber Modem hardware and Biznet Cable TV STB hardware valid after Customer Service status is active. This warranty does not apply if the damage to the device is caused by accident and/or negligence caused by Customer.
  • Customer is responsible in providing any necessary equipment other than those provided by Biznet Home to receive suitable Service. Biznet Home does not provide technical support for equipment, network or software owned by Customer that is not a part of Service offering.
  • Biznet Home customers located in FTTH EPON network do not obtain Wi-Fi modem allocation, Customers shall prepare Wi-Fi modem device as needed.
  • Customer acknowledges that the process of installation and activation schedule takes a maximum of 24 hours after Customer’ payment is approved.
  • Customer acknowledges that the period of installation process until the service can be used takes maximum 3 (three) days after the schedule arranged by the installation team.
  • For Credit Card payment, Customer hereby authorizes Biznet Home to charge our credit card for Service that Customer has chosen.
  • As per article 1814 of Civil Code, this debit authorization shall be deemed valid until Customer have settled fully all payment to Biznet Home and/or terminate subscription of Service.
  • Customer acknowledges that by subscribing to Biznet Home Promotion, Customer is not allowed to decrease the service during promotion period.
  • Monthly fee cannot be refunded.

General Information

  • The entire Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws governed by the Republic of Indonesia. When there is an event of dispute between Biznet Home and Subscriber related to the Terms and Conditions, both parties will try to settle through consensus in reaching agreement. When agreement is not reached, Biznet Home has a right to file a claim or lawsuit through Central Jakarta District Court.
  • Biznet and Customer agree to waive the provision of article 1266 of the Indonesian Civil Code, so that the termination of the Service shall be final entirely by written notification from the Party that terminates the Service in accordance with this Terms and Conditions of Service.
  • If the performance of this Terms and Conditions could not be conducted, hampered or interfered by any act or condition beyond the reasonable control (force majeure), Biznet Home will give prompt notice to Customer and could be released from the whole or a part of the obligation that shall be made if such performance is caused by such obstacle, or interference. During the period of such non-performance, any and all charges, fees, or other payments arising out of or in relation to any Services which not being performed will be suspended.
  • Service' Terms and Conditions may change at anytime and will be informed on Biznet Home’s official website.
  • The Terms and Conditions are made bilingual: Bahasa Indonesia and English. In the events of inconsistency of interpretation between Bahasa Indonesia and English, the Terms and Conditions used will be in the Bahasa Indonesia format.
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