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Biznet Home service can only be used for personal use, with the following terms and condition:

  • Individual customer who use the service but the payment is to be made by the employer company of the customer. This is allowed but the customer must send the company's complete name and the copy of company's TIN to Inside Sales and Finance Division of Biznet for taxes requirements.
  • Customers who uses the service is a company, who use the service for company use, are not allowed to use Biznet Home services. Customers can be directed to use Metronet service, which is targeted for SMBs. More Information

The installation can be done for shopping centres or malls with installation fee of Rp 1.000.000,-. In several areas, Biznet Home Installation excludes Wi-Fi modem

No. Biznet Home Internet service is a shared 'up to' based service. But the speed and performance of Biznet Home Internet can be used optimally throughout the day.

No, Biznet Home does not apply FUP (Fair Usage Policy) for all its services. Biznet Home does not give limited quota and speed downgrade in particular usage of the quota for all customers in order to give the customers the best experience in accessing fast internet without limit in their homes.

If you have any issue related to the connection to Playstation Network / Playstation Store, please call our Biznet Home Care at 1500933 or email to , our team will help you to configure your device.

Yes, You can subscribe for Biznet Home Combo service but you can only enjoy TV channels in Standard Definition (SD) quality. You will not be able to HD channels which are available in Biznet Home Combo.

Not all channels have subtitle/dubbed to Indonesian. It depends on each channels. If a channel has subtitle/dubbed to Indonesian, customers can enjoy the programs with subtitles or dubbing automatically.

If you don't have an Internet access or having trouble to do Online Registration, you can call Biznet Home Care 1500933 or visit our nearest Biznet Store.

At the moment, Biznet Home Combo service does not have EPL (English Premiere League) soccer.

At the moment, Biznet Home Combo does not have any cooperation with MNC Group to broadcast RCTI, Global TV and MNC TV.

Active period for customer is 1 month (30 days), and 21 days for grace period.

Your Biznet Home Combo and Internet will be inactive, and the grace period to make payment no later than 21 days before it is disabled and get a penalty charge fee.

The contract period for residential is 24 months and for the apartment is 6 months.

You will be charged a penalty fee of Rp 2,750,000.

If the estimate distance from the front of your house to the room that will be installed with Biznet Home services TV Cable more than 50 meters, Subscriber must purchase substitute drop cable (RG-11) with certain cost.

Customers will receive a set of 1 unit wireless router that includes installation cost and maintenance by Biznet Home.

Biznet Wifi is turbo WiFi service with speed up to 100 Mbps and free for all Biznet Home and Biznet Metronet customers.

    Here are 2 easy ways to use Biznet Wifi service
  • 1. Choose Biznet Wifi SSID
  • 2. Input your Biznet Home / Biznet Metronet Customer ID and Password
    Please make sure that your Biznet Home and Biznet Metronet account are active to use Biznet Wifi service.

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